Sketchbook? Check.Paint? Check. DSLR? Check. iTunes Playlists? Check.

Having all your tools in front of you helps get you ready to create your next masterpiece. Helps get those creative juices flowing. I know all too well how important a good set of headphones to the creative process can be. Just like the tools you use to create your art, there are social media tools that can help you promote it. Cause what’s the use of creating something so beautiful if no one ever sees it.

Lately, as social media has been introduced to the business world everyone has been finding ways to use it as a way to market themselves. This is no exception for artists, designer and all creative professionals. Even Vogue knows how influential social media is to the creative community. Showcasing your drawing and design skills through social media can be the difference between landing a job and not. For freelancing artists and designers this is even more critical. There’s no shame in self-promotion.



Artist Nuri Durr (@actionhankbeard) shows the progression of his work.


Artist Troy Scat (@troyscat) in the zone











Instagram is a great tool for the creative industry because it is heavily image based. Especially those in the visual arts, this is a great tool for promoting  and sharing your work with other people. One way to use Instagram is to upload pictures or video of your work in progress. This will create excitement about upcoming projects from your followers and possibly even some feedback before you finish. Instagram can be linked to Twitter, Facebook, and other networks you can share those post over all your social media networks. Here’s a list of 50 Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram to get an idea of what I’m talking about.


If you are pursing a creative field it is very important to have a portfolio. Your portfolio is who you are as an artist. Behance is a social networking site that allows you to create a profile and upload projects into a portfolio. Once you have a Behance profile, you should use it to not only promote your work, but to build connections with other people in the creative community. This is yet another opportunity to get feedback on not only your work but your portfolio as a whole. Here are 12 Ways to Get the Most From Behance.



If you’ve never thought of trying Hootsuite or even heard of it, I highly recommend it. For most creative types, you generally know when you’re the most productive,but sometimes something may spark your inspiration and you find yourself getting lost in your work. Hootsuite is a social media management tool. You can schedule tweets, Facebook and blog posts. Even, monitor the feedback coming in from those “sneak peek” Instagram posts. So you can still be actively promoting your work even when inspiration strikes and you can’t step away to send out tweets.

Stay Creative!


Do you currently use any of these tools to promote yourself? Let me know in the comments.


  1. fishnuts09 says: seems like a nice place for graphic artists and conventional artists alike to convene, collaborate and share some pretty insane artwork from some amazing artists. I will definitely be passing this along to my friends. Thanks Candace

    1. candacejlaine says:

      Thank you for commenting. Feel free to share this post with your friends. Behance is a great tool to use.

  2. jinamyers says:

    Hi Candace! Great post. I also use Hootsuite for my Ladies Networking business. I’ve found it to be a valuable time-saving app! You also mentioned that Instagram is a great app for posting images of the finished product, which is definitely a great resource! In addition, I recommend posting time lapse photos during your art’s progress. That way people can engage, follow and comment on your artwork during your route. It will make them feel more “invested” in the piece, and more likely to putchase it, (if that is your objective) 😉

    1. candacejlaine says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Instagram is surely the best tool to use in order to show works in progress. You are correct this is a great way to get people engaged in the artwork. I have followed artists like the one’s in this post waiting to see how a few marks on a page can turn into something incredibly beautiful.

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